The information and business portal was created based on the guidelines of a client who wanted to create an easy-to-use information portal based on the models of the best sector portals in the country and abroad.
a few words about the project
research and competition analysis
To create the graphic design, we carried out an analysis and consulted with the client, during which we researched the target groups to whom the information on the portal would be addressed, as well as current trends in publishing news from Poland and the world.
intuicyjny panel administracyjny
We also assumed that the portal had to be easy to use for the editorial staff itself, and that the articles in the various categories should be divided up in a logical and easy-to-understand manner in order to find their way through the hundreds of articles on various industries.

On this basis, we selected the most comprehensive and fulfilling technology for the development of the portal, i.e. WordPress with blog functionality, and then proceeded to create a graphic design taking into account all the necessary assumptions.
pagespeed tests before publication
In order to ensure a high level of optimisation of the site, we assumed that the portal would be prepared in such a way that the PageSpeed and GT-Metrix tests would be within 90/100 pkb and the highest A parameter.

For the end customer, this is important because fast-loading news items, together with an attractive graphic design, make it easy to remember and return to the site later to find more information.
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